Some Garbuous Out of Nowhere

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Some Garbuous Out of Nowhere

Post by Garan on Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:43 am

Name : Garan The Garbuous

Age : 19

Work Desired : Explorer

: 10/31/1991

The House you Want : The crashed ship

The Name of your Farm/Store or
whatever else (but not of your house) :

Characteristic: Nice, Kind, Smart

Story: Crashed Randomly From Space, Garan looks for a new home on the mysterious island known as Dream Island.

Thing I Love the Best in the World: Hero Shards (These Help Power Garan's Ship. In His home planet, They're shown as a sing of Heroism.)

3 Things I Like : Good People, Garbuous, Arbor (Garan's Best friend From Grandor.)

Things I Dislike : Evil People, Rox, Reedus (Garan's Worst enemy from Reedius.)

The Thing I hate the most: Tar Acid (Also fell out of the sky with Garan's Ship. Can kill most living things. Garan will not die from it, but be poisoned. There is no cure (For now).)

Number of posts : 34
Age : 22
Job(RP) : Explorer
Registration date : 2008-09-28

Dream Status
Dream Money Dream Money: 500
Inventory Inventory:
DreamSaga Rank DreamSaga Rank: Under Supervison

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