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Post by Yuiri on Fri Sep 26, 2008 12:43 pm

These are the basic rules for the RP site.
There would be other rules for the RPing.

  • Names
    Your name must be realistic. No numbers, or symbols. No celebrity names. Names of characters from the games are allowed.

    Also make sure you use Capitals in your name.

  • Language
    No 1337 speak. For those who don't know what that is, it is placing numbers in place of letters, l1k3 th15.

    No sms text speak. For example, none of this- hi, hw r u i ned sm hlp.

  • Avatars
    You need an avatar. You can either make a thread asked help to make your customize avatars, or you can search in googles etc to find one. Only avatars from the games that we use for RP are allowed.Exception for the admins, they can have other avatars which is not related to the RP.

    Please do not post about the following subjects, or I will take disiplinary action.

    No advertising your forum

    No swearing AT ALL. The word 'damn' is permitted, just not in excess.

    No transforming into animals(unless you are a character who has that skills from a certain game).

    No superpowers(god modding).

    State actions before words.

    No religion.

    No high-tech weapons, other use of basic weapons such as knife, sword, staff are allowed only in the RP.

    No excessive kills

  • No Spamming

Double post wouldnt be considered as spamming, if its posted after min 6 hours from the previous post.

*Updates to the Rules will be in Red*

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