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Post by Ragnafillia on Fri Sep 26, 2008 12:25 am

Before beginning, you have to understood these thing :
1. You're not obliged to be young because everyone is
2. It's not your age in real or anything you have. It's just a game, so you can't have 14 years old and be an archeologist!
3. If you want to be a children, find before a dad/mom or both of them.

That's it.

Here what you have to Copy/Paste (it's has to be in a new topic, not in this one)

Name :

Age :

Work Desired :(blank if its baby)

Birthday :

The House you Want :

The Name of your Farm/Store or whatever else (but not of your house) :



These other thing, you have to put them in your signature :

The Thing I Love the Best in the World:

3 Thing I Like :

3 Thing I Dislike :

The Thing I hate the most:

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