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Money System

Post by Kirby on Fri Sep 26, 2008 11:21 pm

Money System
In the beginning your character will receive 500 Dream Money, just for joining us in the role-play. From then on you can spend your money how you want. Every week you will receive the sum of 500 DM, as a sort of form for pocket money. No more, no less. If you don't receive your weekly Dream Money contact an admin and the problem will be dealt with.

Throughout the role-play you can earn money by completing various tasks, missions and other similar actions. These missions may be general missions offered to all, from your job, helping others, Tasks, or hunting, ect. Either way you will receive money or some sort of reward for completing them. If someone tries to scam you out of money deal with them how you see fit, IC of course. However when it comes to mission, you may only take one at a time.

In the Dream Land there will be shops. Some shops will be restricted to age groups or other things Admin’s feel restricted for others to have, while some are open for all.

To buy something you will have to go to the thread where the shop is, and post. You don't have to RP it, just state what you want and a staff member will accept your transaction.
Double Bed | 31000 DM
Bed Sheets | 50 DM

Total | 650 DM

A character can own as many things as they want; an unlimited inventory, but the amount of weapons you're allowed to own isn't endless. A character may only carry a maximum of five weapons, and you can't bypass this by placing some in your bank account.

You can obtain properties on this board; whether it is an estate, a building or something similar (cities are off limits, period). To do so you merely RP it out like everything else.

It is not possible to use an item you haven’t bought unless you’ve picked it up somewhere in that specific thread. You may not keep items you’ve picked up in a thread unless its noted. Most likely the thing won’t be important enough for you to even care if you keep it or not.

If you want to request the price of a item or vehicle, simply post in either the General Store when it’s an item or the Vehicle Dealership. Make this noted, not everyone, even adults, can get a vehicle.
Plus most Vehicles aren’t made, because they are in the process of being created.

To sell an item you will need to go to the Seller’s Corner. There you will have to post a topic stating that you have an item for sale (following the guidelines provided in Selling & Buying), and then what the item is and the price of it. The price must be less than the price in the shops.


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